Tokyo Connections

Welcome to Tokyo Connections, the ultimate guide to jobs in Japan. This site reviews 219 job resources covering the whole of Japan, as well as opportunities for Japanese speakers overseas. You'll find classified ad sites, job openings, info on executive search firms, teaching English, working holiday programs and more...

Bilingual Jobs
These sites and services are aimed specifically at fully bilingual Japanese/English candidates.
Clubs and Associations
Various clubs, societies and associations (not necessarily work-related) that you can join.
Employment Classifieds
Sites that list job-related classified ads. Many typically allow personal ads to be placed free, and charge a fee for business ads.
Government Services and Information
Vocational guidance and training, grants, visa information and regulations, immigration procedures, labor unions.
Grants and Scholarships
Grants, foundations, fellowships and scholarships offered for research and study in Japan.
Job Listings
Resources carrying lists of available jobs.
Job Search Sites
Sites that specialize in listing available positions and in enabling candidates to link up with employers.
Recruitment Companies
Executive search firms, specialist agencies, headhunters, employment agencies, contract and temporary staff recruitment.
Books, articles and information of interest to job hunters in Japan, recruitment events.
Student Jobs and Internships
Sites and resources for students aiming to find work in Japan, information on internship programs for students.